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Thionyl chloride

Thionyl chloride

When looking for organochlorine compounds, be it for pharmaceuticals, agrichemicals, or other industrial production, contact Cymer for a quote.

Cymer has production and supply experience with converting carboxylic acids to acyl chlorides. Cymer is the largest manufacture for some acyl chlorides use in the US.

Thionyl chloride is widely used in organic synthesis and is preferred over other reagents because the by-products are gaseous. Contact Cymer for your thionyl chloride reaction needs, we may be the partner you are looking for to support your requirements.

If you are looking for custom chemical manufacturing for the synthesis of:
oxazoline rings
sulfinyl chlorides
phosphoryl chlorides
imidoyl chlorides
sulfonyl chlorides

Contact Cymer,LLC Custom Chemical Manufacturing.

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