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Design for the Environment

Lean Manufacturing
Lean chemical manufacturing design is demanded by the nature of our business. To be competitive, responsible, and trusted Cymer approaches every operation from concept to finished product using Lean Manufacturing. The use of minimal solvents, energy, and substrates to product the highest yield and the review of by products for reuse, recycling and viable end products is part of every design process within Cymer.

Energy Recovery
Over 80% of Cymer hazardous waste goes to Energy Recovery. Converting waste into useable fuel is part of Lean Manufacturing and Green Chemistry.

Environmental Management Systems "make the environment an organizational priority and integrate environmental management throughout an organization while focusing on continual improvement". Cymer's commitments to environmental protect and sustainability is a priority from design to finished product and waste management. Cymer is currently investing in resources to improve both our Environmental Management Systems and our EHS compliance posture.

Green Chemistry - "EPA's Green Chemistry Program promotes innovative chemical technologies that reduce or eliminate the use or generation of hazardous substances in the design, manufacture, and use of chemical products". Cymer supports chemical manufacturing in USDA programs by providing natural product base chemistry to produce better biodegradable alternative end products.

Recycling - Solvent and reagent recovery is used in every design to minimize waste.

Cymer Environmental Programs are based on the protection of the environment and EPA/TDEC Compliance. Cymer,LLC - EPA - Tennessee Department of Environment & Conservation.


Custom Chemical Manufacturing
Custom Chemical Manufacturing


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