EPA DfE Product Label
EPA DfE Product Label

Cymer does not have any products listed with the EPA. Cymer supports DfE in that at Cymer we do not build the products you use, we manufacture the chemicals at allow the high performance of the products you use.

We manufacture chemical entities and formulations whose composition influences the performance and processing of the end product. Innovative technical solutions by Cymer are an important component of the services provided to you in the products you use.

Cymer products are used in several DfE products.

Design for the environment, safety and health (DFE) is a program where environmentally safe product characteristics are engineered for implementation in the early design stage of the product life-cycle, as opposed to altering the product later to include these features.

The potential for reuse and recycling of materials is maximized with the entire product life-cycle in mind, while maintaining price, quality, safety and performance standards.

These engineering considerations include the product itself, the processes involved in the design, the materials and technology with their associated hazards.

These variables are particularly critical in the initial design stage, as this is where the environmental impact and safety of the product will be established.


Custom Chemical Manufacturing
Custom Chemical Manufacturing


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