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A strong and dedicated leadership team guides the Cymer family. Their vast and diverse experience in all phases of operations includes work for NASA Contractors, commercial chemical manufacturing, academic instructions, and "Biosynthesis" based chemical sectors. Their collective knowledge and expertise provides Cymer with the responsiveness necessary to innovatively adapt to the changing business environment of chemical manufacturing and support our customers' unique requirements.

Frank LaMonica - President and General Manager

Bud LaMonica - Technical Operations Manager

Laura Palmiero - Chemist

Jeff Williams - Operations Manager

John A. Williams - Safety Engineer

Joan Roller - Business Development Manager


Cymer strength rests in its people a talented group of experts dedicated to leveraging their decades of experience as well as todays technologies to serve customers worldwide. The Cymer team brings together people with an array of expertise, skill and project management capabilities - all of whom work seamlessly together to provide an integrated performance dynamic to achieve your (the customer's) goals.

Let's discuss about how we can put our versatile, innovative and experienced team to work for you.


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Business Development Manager Joan Roller



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