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Boron Trichloride

Boron Trichloride

Boron Trichloride - BCl3
BCl3 Chemistry
Ployhydrie alochols and phenols
Cyclic ethers
Alkyl and acyvl halides
Tertiary amines
Secondary amines
Primary amines
Organic ammonium salts
Nitriles, amides, nitro compounds, and diazomethane
Sulfur compounds
Organnometallic and organometalloidal compounds
borate esters
trimethyl borate
Lewis acid
Very reactive describes BCl3 and Cymer's response to BCl3 chemistry. If you require BCl3 as a raw material in your systhsis, Cymer can help with your Toll or Contact Manufacting needs.

Cymer knows the reactions of Boron Trichloride with organic compounds.

Proprietary Technology

We protect your proprietary technology.

We embrace patent, copyright, trademark and trade secret laws, as well as confidentiality, licensing and other contractual arrangements, to establish and protect the proprietary aspects of your products. You, our customer, have our commitment to proprietary technology protection for the moment you contact us.

Call today and talk to a chemist and chemical manufacturing expert with the knowledge to apply our needs to our plant and determine if a partnership would meet your needs.

Cymer's ability to manage BCl3 and associated BCl3 reactions provides you with expertise to meet your processing requirements. Cymer provides a proven chemical processing plant with equipment that will be configured to support your requirements.

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